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Try Not to be So hard on yourself today

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

The truth is, we're all trying. Some of us are just trying to manage our anxiety or depression, Some, are trying to be a better mom or spouse. Many people are trying to accept being an "essential worker", and do their jobs without fear. Many are trying to navigate filing for unemployment. Then, there are those who may be trying to re-invent themselves to keep their pre-existing business from going under.

I get it. We're all trying. We all have goals. We all want to be better in some way. I have been really focused on the words "quality time". If I only spent two focused hours on my business, completed a project at home, and the rest of my day was consumed with taking care of my baby, then today, I feel successful. That thought process takes real effort, though. I have to accept the fact that as a woman, I wear many hats. I'm a woman, wife, mom, teacher and entrepreneur, I have so many things to accomplish in one day. Prioritizing is a must! Giving my daughter or husband my undivided attention to help make sure they feel loved is success in my eyes.

Make sure that when you're choosing what's important to focus on for the day, leave yourself room. Be fluid. Your dreams will still be there tomorrow. If you're a mom, your children won't always be small. If you're a spouse, remember your marriage is your first priority. When your children grow up, or if your business was to fail, there would only be YOU and YOUR SPOUSE.

Prioritizing is apart of self-care. It helps create organization and mental peace. Some days business will be at the top of the list. Other days, family. Just make sure you allow your personal needs to make it on that list. Prioritizing may be one of the easiest ways to do that.

All i'm saying is, life is a juggling act. Balance takes effort. Take your time. Prioritize. Work on your dreams. Take care of your kids. Love on your spouse. You absolutely can do it all. In the meantime.. Give yourself some grace,...

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