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Toddler Tuesday Episode 3: Making memories in the pandemic

Hey Hey! This week you're getting two videos for Toddler Tuesday! We had technical difficulties last week, so we're just now getting it up! Thanks for your patience.

This video is so special to me. I took a trip down memory lane. We have all lost so much, and made so many sacrifices because of the pandemic. We had to cancel my daughter's first birthday party. I was so sad. I had been planning her party since I was pregnant.

Despite all of the disappointment, we were determined to enjoy turning one. My daughter woke up to balloons all over the living room floor. We took a few decorations down to my mother in law's, invited my nieces and nephews, and had a ball. My mother in law took a rolling grocery basket and added balls to create a rolling ball pit. It was such a big hit! We had a customized selfie frame and took pics from a distance. With all of the love and support, we couldn't have asked for a better day.

Being on lock down from March-July created so many opportunities to be resourceful. We made up games, spent time as a family, and spent so much time outside. Once things started to open up, we visited the Toledo Zoo and the Indian Creek Zoo in Lambertville, MI. Both trips, were so much fun. Jordyn is really into animals right now, so the zoo was a big hit.

"Perspective is everything". We could spend the rest of 2020 complaining, or we can spend this time making memories. Take a trip. Have family movie night. Make up games. Have a dance party. Take a tour of your neighborhood. I don't care what you do. Just be intentional.

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