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It’s not you. It’s me

You know what’s hard? Having to accept the fact that, it’s probably not them. It’s YOU. Whew! Girl, you know you’re grown when you can take responsibility for everything you’re experiencing. What happened may not have been your fault, but the outcome is definitely your responsibility.

So look sis, the pandemic won’t be in vain. No more playing victim. We’re stepping up and taking responsibility. This year, we’re accepting that all of those failed relationships may actually be our own fault.

No, I’m not saying you caused them. What i am saying is that sometimes when we don’t address certain areas in our own lives, we allow people in spaces they don’t belong. When we haven’t dealt with our issues, we create new ones with every new relationship. We keep ending up with the same kind of man, because there‘s something in us that needs to be healed. We are falling out with a different female every other year, because we’ve never seen functional adult relationships. You get what I’m saying?

Good. Let’s make this year about us. This is one time where I think being selfish is necesssry. Heal sis. Learn yourself. Apologize. Make amends. Do whatever you have to do, but make sure YOU deal with YOU!

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