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Engaging toddlers without technology

This week we have been very intentional about engaging without technology. We still allow her to watch tv, but her tv time is limited.

Toddlers learn through play. It does not have to be tedious or time consuming. In the next few weeks, I’m going to show you guys some of the ways we’ve made learning fun just using what we have around the house.

In the meantime, here are a few fun things we’ve done this week.

We worked on our animals and their sounds. We also worked on fine motor and problem solving skills, and hand eye coordination, using puzzles.

We worked on those same skills, while also counting and recognizing colors, using our leggos. So much fun! The toys that we used can be found at dollar tree or Five and Below. They are sand/water toys; a bucket and shovel. The floor mat is actually a yoga mat from target that I found in the $5 section.

The smock was my absolute favorite! We use it for so many different things. It was another one of my Amazon finds. The package came with two smocks and some small paint brushes. Here’s a link: Bassion Pack of 2 Kids Art Smocks, Children Waterproof Artist Painting Aprons Long Sleeve with 3 Poc

I absolutely love the table! It was a Christmas gift from my mom. The table is interchangeable. You can use the flat table top for snack time, arts and crafts or table top toys. You can also write directly on it with a dry erase marker.

If you remove the top of the table, the inside can be used for sand and water play. Our favorite way to use it right now, is for snow! We scooped snow into her sand bucket and dumped it in the table. I put mittens and a smock on my little one and she was engaged for at least 20 minutes.

In addition to those cool things, we flipped the table top over to reveal the leggo table. The leggos are included. Amazing right?? If I’m being honest, I was not a fan of the chair that came with this set. It was too small, so we used a chair that we already had. Aside from that, this table is perfect for our needs. Here’s a link

We have had so much fun this week engaging without technology. It took minimal effort, but a lot of intentionality. My LO had fun while learning. We spent quality time, and in many ways, I was able to steal a little time to myself. Thanks Amazon!

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