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Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Whew Chile! I walked in my basement and burst into tears. There is stuff everywhere! Clothes that need to be folded, toys to put away, papers to be filed. It was a never ending to do list. I looked around in despair trying to figure out where to start. The anxiety was just too much, so I cried.

My basement is a metaphor of my life right now. Being back at work has been a new adjustment. I am now balancing work life, entrepreneurship, marriage, ministry, and TODDLER life.... There are so many new ventures, so much unknown, so much learning; today I just felt like I didn’t know where to start.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing it. Things are getting done. It’s just very very frustrating when what I don’t know, what I still need to do, and what I am currently doing all seem to collide. So today, I cried. I cried tears of frustration. I cried tears of release. I felt like a little girl saying to her mommy “I don’t know how to do it”. And you know what... that is ok....

Maybe you’ve recently felt the weight of being a woman. Trying to love your family, and not lose yourself is a daily fete. There are days where you feel invincible, and days where you just want to curl up in a ball. But isn’t that the beauty of life?

I truly believe God has given women a special grace. We have the ability to multi task. We have this very unique relationship with the Holy Spirit. We have an unparalleled functionality in our home. No one can bring themselves to our assignments like we can. No one can accomplish what’s on our plate, except us.

So girl, cry, scream, let it out! Do what you have to do to get through the moment. Once I got my tears out, I looked around, and started putting things away one at a time. I took a deep breath, and asked God for help. I smiled at my baby girl, knowing that she would need to see both. She needs to see me tackling the hard stuff. She needs to see me accomplishing goals. She needs to see that life is not always easy. She needs to see my tears. I want her to know that women are super hero’s, but we all have our kryptonite.

My basement inspired this post. The Unexpected chaos of life. My strong desire to “do it right this time” inspired these words. The Holy Spirit is strengthening us even now to function in the chaos. You’ve got this girl! Let’s get it done. I’m praying for you all!

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