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The Brand 

Are you looking to connect with women who are walking in self-love and authenticity?

"The Healed Life" coaching program is here for you. Coach LaToya is committed to helping women break unhealthy relationship cycles through Accountability and Self-Awareness. The pillars of this program are Faith, Authenticity and Community. We provide one-on-one and group coaching sessions, along with community events. These sessions are curated for confidence and self-esteem building.

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"The Healed Life" is an extension of the My Beautiful Brown Life Brand & Blog. This brand was created by Coach LaToya in 2020 as a display of hope during the pandemic. Her desire was to show positive images of Christianity, Community, and Character building through personal experiences. The Motto for this brand is "My Life. His Light. My Lane".

Some of the benefits to joining this community are:

  • Coaching Sessions

  • Community Support

  • Networking opportunities

  • Community Resources


We have access to a wide range of women who are wives, moms and business professionals. If you are looking for a safe space to heal and grow, then you have come to the right place. Here is a free training filled with relationship strategies for moms or adult daughters. If you are looking to become the best version of yourself, this training is for you. Please click the link to download our free training. Together, we are creating beautiful lives, one HEALED woman at a time. 

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